To belong or not and why

The more I see, the more I confess of blindness and the more I learn the more I admit my ignorance.

Now a days we face a big existentialist question “do I belong??” and if the answer is yes “I belong to what??” and if the answer is no “why?” I think at some point in time everybody asked himself this question, some of them managed to find an answer, while others still looking for the answer.

The most important question is when this sort of questions starts to appear and why, what I’m going to talk about in this article is my own interpretation regarding the question, while the why part and its  related answers is a valid consequence to the question.

Human being can’t survive as solos because this is how we have been wired or created. I think the main reason for such claim found inside the definition of the word “completeness” human beings varies in skills and intellect which creates a dependency for needs fulfilment and this dependency started growing and getting more complicated and interrelated by time, which was the sole reason for the creation of clans tribes and civilisation. If you dig deep in the history books; you will never find a traces for the concept of oneness of man and what I mean by it; one man did everything by himself while being totally independent from his fellow man, and the reason is; we are not complete and the only way to reach our holy grail which in my case the completeness factor through creating a chain of dependencies that will help us to elevate from partiality to completeness, the more the chain gets complicated the more we get elevated, and the more we become incomplete as an individuals, Funny isn’t it?.

The more we are complete as a whole means that we are incomplete as individuals, and when we start noticing the fact that we can live solos because of that dependency chain, the more afraid we become from being isolated and forced out from the chain to be replaced by more reliable ones for the sake of the completeness.

“I think that was the idea of Nietzsche when he was calling for the uberman or the super man in more simplistic words, and the question is how you can elevate the one as an individual to that stage of completeness, and if we can? Is it valid argument which could be applied through practices and exercise, and I don’t mean by that the naïve way of understanding practices and exercise. Will maybe I will find the time to write about it in a different time.”

Back to our subject, when we start developing this fear of being cast out from the chain, what will it be of our reaction, I believe that the reaction will be work more, study more, do more, produce more, invest more,…etc. just for the sake of creating a need that nobody can replace us, or totally surrender to the facts that we are not good enough to be in the chain. Both of the reactions are extreme and affects negatively in the short and long terms, but we are not going to talk about it for the time being. What we are going to talk about is how that phenomena affects the psychological state of mankind and creates the need to find something or someone to belong or relate to as a replacement “and I don’t mean by that the need wasn’t there before, but what I mean is that the idea of the chain emphasises the fact that we need to relate or belong to something in order to create our chain based on our psychological, intellectual and physical abilities”. The feeling that we get from the chain effect creates a negative force in a way that creates an alternative solution entirely, such as finding something that could last in a way that we could relate to and depend on  to be able to heal from the after math of the insecurities which emerged from the concept of we could be replaceable. You can relate to an idea, a place, a time, or a person, this reaction is one way relation, we are being dependents while the thing that we relate to is not being tangible such as a piece of land which existed before us and will continue to exist after we are dead as long as the earth still there, or like relating to an idea such as communism, Marxism, socialism, nationalism liberalism, and mostly anything ends up with the letters “ISM” such as nihilism, atheism, skepticism, existentialism…etc. Maybe somebody will ask why I didn’t mention religious sects, will the way I see this is religion came to create a different type of chain of completeness which was always misinterpreted, or manipulated by the people who has the humanly ideologies, and they used it to impose their own chain of completeness.

Belonging has its own rules, such as you can’t belong to contradictory ideologies. You can’t belong to two lands under conflict, you can’t belong to an idea and doing the opposite, and finally you can’t belong to different things at a time with the same priority if you managed to belong to more than one thing. What belong means in my dictionary that you belong intellectually, psychologically and physically and they are ordered based upon their priorities.

So the question stand “assuming that you asked yourself where do I belong” it is the same synonym of “what to belong to”? I think the answers will be limitless since there is countless factors takes a place in the decisions making such as how you have been raised intellectually and psychologically, and where have you been raised, your social experiences and the more experience you have the more harder to find an answer.

Asking yourself “where do I belong?” is a clear consent that you don’t belong to the thing that you used to belong to, while the question conveys your contemplation of your knowledge, experiences, and fragmented facts that you will base your decisions upon. Usually humans are susceptible to external forces, which makes us humans by definition, and susceptibility to external forces such as physical or emotional always create cause and affect paradox in our unconscious being so if you see your land is getting invaded, we create a resistance toward the fact of acceptance and what has been used to be is not for granted any more. Invasion creates contradictory reactions between the same people who used to belong to the same thing. Which in this case creates an internal conflict inside the same individual and among the people who used to be and active members of the chain, so as natural as it will be some will work with the invader and some will work against the invaders, but the funny thing is what happen to the people who works against the invaders? They will start as fast as it could be replacing ideologies and start fighting for those ideologies which leads to a conflict between ideologies, which could lead to people start fighting their own people while being under invasion or occupation.

And as we can see it clearly in almost every were in the world where the atrocity of war spread its wings,  people start killing each other while previously they used to live with each other.

The idea which I was paving the way to be cleared is that the completeness chain always breaks and creates sub completeness chains and the main reason for that; meanings has been changed or forced to be changed, so when completeness meant something in the past which defined the natural meaning among individuals the definition has been altered to reflect a different meaning in our unconscious being, And since definitions of emotional, and psychological related words meant to be fuzzy and diverse our individual ways of searching for the answers should accommodates fuzziness by nature, and the answers will bear the fuzziness in its core which leads the way to limitless sub-circles which could merge with other circles or fight with other circles.

Back again why do I need to belong to land, will me personally I perceive this idea is the core of racial conflicts between the owner of the lands and the outsiders, as a result I don’t believe that nationalities could I identify me, on the other hand I’m the one who identifies me. The same question goes to why I should belong to a ruler “I don’t believe that being a ruler is a privilege of inheriting this honor more than something of  gaining acceptance from the public out of your manifestation of hard work and ongoing seek for completeness using the totality of the society not the oneness of the individuals” so I can’t see this rule applies any were, as a result I don’t belong to rulers, finally why should I follow earthly ideology “man-made structures and designs” I didn’t see one ideology that is overwhelmingly impressed me and could be applied in the idealistic world if such a world existed. So when I ask myself what do I belong to and I know that I need to belong to something, I choose religion as the source is divine and I choose to believe that my religion is ISLAM and this religion is worth living by its laws and legislations and worth dying for, taking into consideration that there is no such word called ISLAMIC Country

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