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Active Directory WCF Webservices for DevOps

Intruducion I founded interesting to do a web services that handles most of day to day job when it comes to active directory, such as ADD/REMOVE Users/Groups/Computers Enable/Disable Users/Computers…etc. The idea behind was instead of implementing those micro routines every…

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Reading Bigfiles using JAVA

Hello, This is one of the effecient ways to read a big files in JAVA using Chunks InputStream is; OutputStream os; buffer[] = new byte[1024]; int read; while((read = is.read(buffer)) != -1) { // do whatever you need with the…

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How to compute SHA256 File HASH using C#

hello i want to share with you a simple way of computing SHA256 HASH using C#. Enjoy using (FileStream stream = File.OpenRead(file)) { SHA256Managed sha = new SHA256Managed(); byte[] hash = sha.ComputeHash(stream); return BitConverter.ToString(hash).Replace(“-“, String.Empty); }

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BASE64 Encoding and Decoding Using C

hello there, recently i was struggling to understand how base64 works on windows because i read the RFC and implemented a LIBRARY based on the RFC and it  worked like crippled library, so i started to check the size of the base64 Encoded file…

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