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Parsing Cisco Configuration using TCL and bash scripts

Hello All, its been a while since i blogged the last time, but i was pretty busy and overwhelmed by work. So today we are going to speak about extracting Cisco configurations “switches, routers, ASA, … etc” from the device…

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Howto setup a disk using fdisk in shell script

Hello there, For the people who execute an interactive commands like fdisk and it needs alot of user input, and you want to script it. Check this out. Below script is just an example, bit you can think of better…

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File system monitoring and send HTML email notification using Bash

Hello Every Body, If you grow tiered of monitoring your Linux file system, and you need something quick and dirty hack to do it for you , here is the solution for you. It is a shell script which will do the following 1….

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HowTo hide Password in shell Scripting using Bash

Hello Again people, Today our subject is related to bash shell scripting. and when you are doing complex shell scripting sometimes you need to read the password form stdin, but you don’t want to show the password as its being entered, so…

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