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muslim community between confusion and being lost

I’m not following the news since forever, while having my own reasons why not to follow, this will be totally different subject. The subject that I’m going to talk about today is how muslim community including my self is being…

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Human Reflections – Responsibilities

  Is there anything that motivates us as human beings to commit an action toward something? I would say yes, but what is it exactly that motivates or forces us to commit an action? I would say it is the…

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immoral being

What is the need for moral values for human being, i used to believe that i know the answer for such a simple and boring question, but i don’t think that i know the answer anymore. Its seems that the…

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Skepticism as an approach

I read an article couple of minutes ago “3:00 AM” my time and it was so annoying and disturbing in many different ways, usually I don’t write an article for such cases, but today I will make an exception about…

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