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Parsing Cisco Configuration using TCL and bash scripts

Hello All, its been a while since i blogged the last time, but i was pretty busy and overwhelmed by work. So today we are going to speak about extracting Cisco configurations “switches, routers, ASA, … etc” from the device…

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Encrypting Syslog-ng using PCKS7 envelop in C#

Created By Saddam Abu Ghaida and Nicolai Tufar Hello There, in this article im going to add the code which makes your windows application log encrypted messages to Remote Syslog server using PCKS7 Envelop . in order to understand the logging part…

Posted in Cryptography, Programming, System Administartion | 3 Comments

Java Library for IP/Subnet Calculator

Created By Saddam Abu Ghaida and Nicolai Tufar Hello everybody. I created a IP Subnetting library in java long time ago, and the reason why i created it because there where no available Java library to do this kind of calculations, so…

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