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Employer and the employee Relation between expectation and reality

There is something always annoyed me, and I never understood why, and I’m going in full details about that thing. How can you define the relation between the employer and the employee, what is the attributes of such relation. Could…

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Human Reflections – Responsibilities

  Is there anything that motivates us as human beings to commit an action toward something? I would say yes, but what is it exactly that motivates or forces us to commit an action? I would say it is the…

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Nietzsche and Arabian Governments Morals

As Nietzsche states about the evolution of morality, I can’t  help it but stating the obvious that it is pretty logical evolution, and I found myself puzzled  how similar this historical evolution of morals  to Arabian Governments moral now a…

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immoral being

What is the need for moral values for human being, i used to believe that i know the answer for such a simple and boring question, but i don’t think that i know the answer anymore. Its seems that the…

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