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Human Reflections – Responsibilities

  Is there anything that motivates us as human beings to commit an action toward something? I would say yes, but what is it exactly that motivates or forces us to commit an action? I would say it is the…

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The Mirror – Part 2

The Mother : She used to wake up early morning to prepare the morning coffee for the Father, put the breakfast for her kids, go for grocery shop to collect the missing ingredients for the launch, and pay the bills…

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The Mirror – Part 1

There was a kid who was born and raised among contradicted family, the Father was well educated, had a charismatic personality, passionate, self-motivated, and sympathetic. Life treated him so hard until he got used to be senseless when it comes…

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Autopsy of Delusional being

i had my share of being delusional person when i was a kid, and i believe that I’m still suffering from my own delusions and most importantly delusional beings, but what is delusion anyway.   Delusion is “an idiosyncratic belief…

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