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On the margins of reality and fantasy

I keep wondering what distinguishes reality and fantasy, what attributes to their existence and do they have some sort of similarities or they collide at their core, does one leads to another or they are totally decoupled by definition. I…

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Neutral Society

i always believed in stereotypes ; always have been and always will. What i mean by stereotypes is a category that could be defined by it’s features, which could be shared by 2 or more entities. I believe that stereotypes…

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Nietzsche and Arabian Governments Morals

As Nietzsche states about the evolution of morality, I can’t  help it but stating the obvious that it is pretty logical evolution, and I found myself puzzled  how similar this historical evolution of morals  to Arabian Governments moral now a…

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Skepticism as an approach

I read an article couple of minutes ago “3:00 AM” my time and it was so annoying and disturbing in many different ways, usually I don’t write an article for such cases, but today I will make an exception about…

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