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PostgreSQL Encryption

Hello there, this is the third article related to my research in Cryptography long time ago, and here we will talk about Postgres encryption capabilites, and approaches to secure our beloved PosgreSQL PostgreSQL offers encryption at several levels, and provides…

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Cryptographic Algorithms

Hello There, As a continuation of cryptographic Libraries, lets discuss about Cryptography algorithms and Hashing algorithms, what identifies them, mentioning also their strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to Cryptography we have 2 major schools; Symmetric Algorithms and  Asymmetric Algorithms, and there is 1…

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Cryptographic Libraries

Hello There, I did a research on Encryption Libraries long time ago, and I found that research hidden between my archived documents here and there, and i would like to share that with you. 1. BouncyCastle  : A light-weight yet powerful…

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Howto write .Net Encrypt using X509 Certificate in C#

Hello there , In this post we will see how to Encrypt/Decrypt a string using X509 Certificate in C#. I will include encryption/decryption functions below . The code will assume that the public key is available for the program, and the…

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