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Java Create Binary Search Tree from file

hello there. Today I will add some data structure code in JAVA which I did some time ago for my friend. The code reflects Creating a binary search tree from csv file which has key value, searching sorting by key…

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AD RMS Protecting A document Programmatically

Created By Saddam Abu Ghaida and Nicolai Tufar Hello there, NOTE : I don’t think microsoft will mind if i put some of its code since it is available in Windows SDK samples under ADRMS folder for free, because i used some pieces of…

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C Convert String to SYSTEMTIME

Hello There, i just want to share a simple thing with you, because its simple and straightforward, i don’t know how much will it be helpful for you, but for those who needs it; it’s there this function will take a date string…

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Linked List part 2

Hello There , Couple of days back i posted howto write a linked list , and somebody in linked in didn’t like the code because of the overhead on the Heap, which i totally agree with him, but i wrote…

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