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On the margins of reality and fantasy

I keep wondering what distinguishes reality and fantasy, what attributes to their existence and do they have some sort of similarities or they collide at their core, does one leads to another or they are totally decoupled by definition. I…

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Human stupidity

I had some amusements here and there across my life span, but the only consistent thing among all which payed the most contribution for my amusement is Human stupidity. I’ve been always eager to analyse people behaviours and their instantaneous…

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Symbols and how does it affect our life – Part 1

In the very beginning of civilisation symbols were means of communication, human being used it to communicate their basic needs, as the days passes by; human beings started to evolve as individuals and as members of societies. By time symbols started…

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Strange all too strange

human being can’t live in an ideal world because they will die by an over dose of goodness, we can’t resist that goodness which we can’t justify, we will feel emptiness fills our veins with void, we wouldn’t bother ourselves…

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