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Custom Authorization with .Net MVC

Hello Its been a while since i wrote any thing technical, so i would like to share today how to add role based custom authorization to .NET MVC project, and the reason for that because it is rarely the case…

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Active Directory WCF Webservices for DevOps

Intruducion I founded interesting to do a web services that handles most of day to day job when it comes to active directory, such as ADD/REMOVE Users/Groups/Computers Enable/Disable Users/Computers…etc. The idea behind was instead of implementing those micro routines every…

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C# Object Generator

Introduction Most of the times, while developing a CRUD application, the data is not available prior to UI development to be able to insert the data, so the only way to do it is to do it the dirty way…

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Implementing Your Own ORM Using C# – Part 2

As A continuation for Implementing Your Own ORM Using C# Part 1 Since DataSourceSchema Class is typed it will be able to extract Model Info/Attributes at run time and the type will be passed from DataAccess Class. No jumping to…

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