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How to Validate User Access Permission to File/Directory in Linux using Shell Scripting

Hello There, It’s been a while since i posted anything, and today i want to share how to validate user access permssion for files/directories in shell script. I needed it because i was doing some script which has somthing to…

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Howto setup a disk using fdisk in shell script

Hello there, For the people who execute an interactive commands like fdisk and it needs alot of user input, and you want to script it. Check this out. Below script is just an example, bit you can think of better…

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Easy way to search and replace using bash

Hello there, if you have a directory contains a lot of files under Linux, and you need to search for specific file names and replace some string inside those files. Will check this out sed -i s/$tobereplaced/$replacewith/g $directory/*.$extention I hope…

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Confluence Simple Backup Script

Hello everybody, Long time ago I wrote a backup script for confluence, and i would like to share it with you. the script will take a backup for PostgreSQL, Confluence Home and Confluence application it self. Actually there is no need…

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