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How to Validate User Access Permission to File/Directory in Linux using Shell Scripting

Hello There, It’s been a while since i posted anything, and today i want to share how to validate user access permssion for files/directories in shell script. I needed it because i was doing some script which has somthing to…

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Parsing Cisco Configuration using TCL and bash scripts

Hello All, its been a while since i blogged the last time, but i was pretty busy and overwhelmed by work. So today we are going to speak about extracting Cisco configurations “switches, routers, ASA, … etc” from the device…

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SNMP MIBs Extentions and how to use it in Linux

Hello Everyone. today we are going to blabber for a short time about SNMP. I don’t  now if any one are familiar with snmp configuration directives, but what is very interesting for me at least is  the extend directive, and one of the most interesting thing…

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