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c# how to get Domain Controller NETBIOS Name from DNS Name

Hello There, couple of days back i needed to translate Domain Controllers Netbios Name to DNS Names and vice-versa, all the domain controllers resides in the same forest. Check below how to do it programmatically using C#   /// <summary> /// Get…

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Useful LDAP Queries Against any Directory Service

Hello there, I want to share with you some useful LDAP Quires against any directory services using ldapsearch utility. The examples listed below is being done against Active Directory Domain controller Global Catalog. 1. Get Specific Attributes from your Search Filter 1ldapsearch…

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Active Directory Search using JAVA

Created By Saddam Abu Ghaida and Nicolai Tufar Hello Every one. I was updating my Java library for Active directory Search, because of Microsoft Lync server integration with in-housed belling system. because there is some attributes that you cant get from Lync monitoring server and…

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Squid3 + NTLM + Antivirus

Hello everybody Today we will talk about how to enable NTLM with squid. so before jumping into how could we do it. We need to know what components we need in order to do it. Components of our recipe 1. NTP…

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