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Active Directory WCF Webservices for DevOps

Intruducion I founded interesting to do a web services that handles most of day to day job when it comes to active directory, such as ADD/REMOVE Users/Groups/Computers Enable/Disable Users/Computers…etc. The idea behind was instead of implementing those micro routines every…

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C# how to pass a function with parameters to another function

hello, We will be talking now about how to pass a function with parameters to another function especially when you have different functions returning the same data that should be manipulated or processed to be able to apply abstraction and…

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C# Get Exchange Distribution and Dynamic Distribution Lists and their members

Hello, Today i will be sharing how to get Exchange Distribution and Dynamic distribution list programatically using C# and Active Directory. below is the function which enables you todo so but before that we need to create a common class…

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How to get all domain controllers IP Addresses and names within one forest using C#

hello there check below code if you are interested in getting all Active directory Domain Controllers Names and IP addresses within one forest   Forest obj = System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Forest.GetCurrentForest(); DomainCollection collection = obj.Domains; foreach (Domain domain in collection) { DomainControllerCollection domainControllers…

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