symmetric and asymmetric systems

Every symmetrical system meant to be broken will create more complex symmetrical subsystems, and every subsystem holds different type of relations between its internal components derived from the main system, or totally emerged out of breaking the symmetry based on which is easier to achieve symmetry once again
If you took a bunch of pencils in your hand, make sure the pencils head and tail are aligned to each other, then raise them to high point and through them vertically by losing your grip. What would happen, and what shape they will be able to create. Repeat the same process with different heights and different number of pencils and notice what variant of shapes you will be able to create. What factors or variables manipulated the creation of asymmetrical shapes from breaking the symmetry or equilibrium of the first shape? We can say that the factors were distance, pencils material, ground material, number of pencils, dimension of the pencils, friction generated “by your hand, air and ground), angle of impact, and finally how symmetrical was the original shape. So the sciences that you need to grasp varies between simple mechanics to materials, aerodynamics to be able to predict mathematically the generated shape, and that was a simple test. So imagine that you introduced more variables to the test can you control and I mean by that grasp all the variables that can affect the shapes which has been generated from breaking the symmetry. You could say that some variables will have a minor effect and you will write a very beautiful mathematical equation describing the end result, and you will accept a margin of error, and you will call it a tolerance constant, I believe as Einstein did in his gravitational theory since he didn’t know that the universe is expanding or collapsing.
This article is not about physics nor mathematics. It’s about our perception of the symmetrical and asymmetrical systems and how the symmetric and the resulting asymmetric systems affects countries societies and individuals. The example I just mentioned before will result of asymmetrical system, which could be described by chaotic systems as long as we can’t reach to mathematical equation that describes what happened. I believe that every symmetrical system is being able to create more complex systems just by breaking the equilibrium in the old system, and the systems which has been created can be described by a piece of art from my perspective, because it shows that the simple systems that we meant to break is way beyond complex when it comes to describe the relation that held the old system in a symmetrical form and this is one way to look at it, while the other way to tackle this topic is symmetrical systems is native in nature because I would like to believe that we live in a very symmetrical eco system; if human didn’t intervene by introducing another variable to the equation, and all the chaotic or asymmetrical systems that we perceive as so means that we didn’t reach to fully understand such system to be able to call it or categorize it as symmetrical.
Once the symmetrical system got broken the sub system doesn’t inherit the features of the parent since the parent has no control over the child anymore; I will start calling them the parent and child systems to make it easier to convey my message, but it doesn’t mean that some child systems will repeat the same symmetrical bonds that was held by the father.
Symmetrical systems is something being referred to whatever holds bonds between its members and it’s been like this for some time until the components of the symmetrical systems got used to the idea of the relation which holds them to the parents and to each other.
Let’s assume a country which is stable in every aspect “social, economical, and political” which is very idealistic idea and considered, and we took the political stability; social stability will be affected because there will be riots in the streets, theft, murders…etc. economical system will be affected, because of the money which will be spend on recovering or fixing the damages or recovering from what has been done, such as public utilities, medical sector, financial sector,…etc., social stability will be affected because the concept of security is gone, and the relations which tides the country together like a glue will start to break piece by piece like the domino effect, And since such a symmetrical system was self-aware, the sub systems starts to fight between each other in a way for self-perseverance and starts to bread more and more systems which will affect and get affected by all other sub system. I don’t need to prove that such thing happens, it is self-proven if you look around to every misfortunate country nowadays. But it seems that I missed to mention in such a system the core component will be the human being because the definition of symmetry and asymmetry will not make a difference if there were no human being to think about or perceive it, not to forget to mention there will be no society without a human being, and human beings are creatures of habit which is a part of the core symmetrical system which varies between one and another. Almost the same thing will happen if you took the economical system but in a more radical way. Social stability is being affected by economical and political stability
When you think of it and ask why this kind of things happens? Because you broke the symmetry which has been taken for granted for some generations who spent all their lives or at least part of it in symmetrical system. When human being is being used to things in his/her life, and you took away one thing or more he will react by altering his system (system of values) to different system to accommodate for such change, so if you do it on a larger scale such as society it will create an enormous sub systems since the bonds has been broken and subsystems will start to be bigger and bigger as long as it have followers who have the similarities in their altered system of values.
All systems will be broken after sometime and new sub systems will emerge from the ashes of the old even without any external intervention, just because that we are self-ware and as we grow older and time passes by we become more aware of ourselves and less aware of our surroundings and satisfying our needs comes as priority 1,2,3,4…etc. The same civilization that we act as a members and a pillars for its growth is growing in a way we can’t accommodate for such a growth, so we have two choices either to be left behind or we swim with the tide, resulting in radical changes in our psychology, cognition and the way we perceive and justify things, the changes can be diagnosed as major or minor based on what we have been lost and what we gained, and we could always find a quantity of people who shares part or most of our changes; resulting of the emerge of subsystems, and when subsystems starts emerging that means the parent system is not as strong as it used to be and can’t keep the bonds any more. By the end of the day there will be always some people will exploit the system for their own good and if they have a the power they will justify and emphasize such behavior directly or indirectly, we evolved a lot since the beginning of man but we couldn’t evolve around greed, selfishness, and the will to power and to be in control.
All systems meant to be broken because of human beings, nothing else.
If you look now a days to all the systems that have been emerged from the old ones they are as corrupted as much as the old one even if they have nothing in common from ideological point of view.
We could read about the fall of Roman Empire, Persian empire, Babylonian empire, Mayan empire, Islamic empire and communism in history and we could justify it and categories to external and internal influences which could be summed up to wars has been held by the name of the god, by the name of the resources, by the name of the will beings, by the name of the intellect, by the name of superiority or by the name of democracy, or by a natural disaster. The difference between the external and internal influences is one is committed by societies they don’t share the same geography or religion or habits while the other have been committed by people who share the geography, habits and to some extend they share the same religion. I can say boldly that capitalism will fall but the cost will be more if you relate it to its own processors, because it the only system which has been created by man emphasize on features such as greed, selfishness and exploiting the inferior
We advanced two much since the industrial age and if we look at the human history and the milestones that made a difference in human history and evolution we can say with absolute certainty that we are riding a roller coaster of human evolution, where some of the people will fall and some of the people will cling to the end and who he clings to the end will be able to right his own history. The problem that those who clung to the end are not one person or two, they are tens, hundreds, and thousands, and those are the people who wrote the new rules of the symmetrical system which has been pushed by love or by force to all the word which made radical systematical changes in the topology and the relations of the politics and economics and how it could be related to the society, which followed by a radical changes in the believe system, values systems, in the society. Where the weak is being exploited by the strong and the week is being forced to slave labor while he needs to cover for his shelter and food which contradicts the very concept of traditional slavery. The whole new system has been wrapped and packaged with beautiful liberal democracy and the right to pursue your goals and happiness.
The same system will be broken because of the very foundation of the relation with its component.
When I look Hegelian dialectic and the way the thesis, antithesis and synthesis works; taking into consideration that Hegel was referring to them as “Abstract-Negative-Concrete”, I find myself amused by my interpretation of the idea that for every thesis there is an antithesis which is the nature of things such as

For Objects: Male and Female, Fire and Water, Electron and Positron…etc.
For Intellect: Materialism and Spiritualism, Capitalism and Statism…etc.

When you look at it from the point that the synthesis is a fact and the antithesis is the anti-fact which is a fact resides to the other end of the basic fact, and the resolution for synthesis and antithesis is the synthesis which is somewhere in between usually synthesis is a resolution for intellectual, psychological facts instead of object facts. Giving that there will be an always synthesis for any thesis and antithesis, while if you looked at it from mathematical point of view let’s assume that there is a line and it has one point to the right and one point to the left and you have been asked to put another point in the middle of those two points, you will say it’s easy and you put it in the middle. So the thesis is in the left and the synthesis is in the middle and the antithesis is in the right, and you’ve been asked to draw one more points between the middle and the right or the middle and the left. And keep doing that to infinity, while every time you will draw a point you need to decide to put it to the right or to the left

What I believe and I feel that I need to state the difference between what I believe and what Hegel believes that the same synthesis that has been agreed on for some time starts to be thesis and antithesis has to emerge to confront the thesis to produce a synthesis again but as human being and how our brain like to match the current state with the previous state, it will not be important to create such antithesis since it is already exist from the previous state so the synthesis will be sometime as thesis for antithesis or it will be antithesis for a thesis and synthesis has to emerge to create more symmetrical pattern than the previous broken one and you can see clearly a prove for my proposition in the evolution of man and human history since the very beginning from slavery to the emerge Feudalism after the fall of roman empire and the spread of it in 8th to 9th century to the rise of bourgeois and mercantilism followed by industrial capitalism followed by the industrial revolution which lead to couple of systems to emerge such as the Statism and the capitalism and so on so forth.

As you can see clearly that from every thesis which have been applied for some time emerges an antithesis as a revolt to the thesis and paving the way for synthesis to create another symmetrical system then the synthesis starts to be a thesis and antithesis will emerge like before to be able to create once again synthesis and so one so forth. The pervious historical example was a good example because if you traced that history you will see how the political and economical state affected the social state who affect the political / economical state by themselves. And it sis the same when it comes to tracing the religions until we reach to secularity and the same patter will emerge once again and again in every aspect of life it seems that the symmetry is meant to be broken like the radioactive materials when they dissolve to create a different material in the periodical table.

All the systems is simple and harmonic and all complex systems will seek simplicity instead of complexity this is why the bonds vanishes to pave the road for more subsystems that could reach such simplicity and to fulfill the symmetry once again. It’s like ongoing process for self-healing for everything while everything is being connected affected and get affected by the same entities which creates the very fabrication of that symmetry

I hope that I managed to convey my ideas the best I can.

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