Story of a dog

one day i saw a dog in an empty restaurant with a dimmed lights and spacious area filled with clusters of tables and chairs. The restaurant was empty and i was with another two friends after a long trip we settled by accident on that restaurant isolated from every living form surrounded by nature and only nature where there is no human to invade or intrude on such a beautiful harmony or to distract you from being alone united with the existence in your moments of contemplation, knowing that i hated sharing those small moments with any human beings, as those moments of silence were too intimate to share and to deep to explain, as words are falling apart when it comes to explain the unexplainable of beautiful silence. i was in that restaurant alone even if i have been with somebody as my mind is absent from any gestures or conversations has been initiated and ended without giving the proper impression or to contribute to the conversation, since i was absent minded but for a good reason; A dog enslaved my mind so i couldn’t share it with externalities, it enslaved my heart and soul, that dog welcomed and accompanied us from the external entrance of that restaurant walked with us all the way to the table that we decided to use as utility if dining and letting our burdens from a long trip in that place of serenata, to put down our weights that we carried from an old ruins and people that accompanied that journey, but that dog who accompanied us all the way to where we sate in untrusting manner, as if he knows whether we are trustworthy or not and glimpsing us with that nauseating look like he wanted to say something but he cant not because he cant speak or express but to imprecise that his suffering is his to bare and his alone. most of the time i was looking for that dog and he look back to me in a painful look that made my soul split between enjoying the beauty or suffer for his suffering that i can relate to as it felt that he is my son or I’m his brother but whether we are related or not i could relate to his pain as this pain is mine.

The dog wanted to trust us but against his aggregate experiences with trust he decided against it as he asked himself will it worth my time or can i take another pain, will this be my salvation from suffering or an extra pain that i should hold alone until the time i die where there is no epitaph to mark that i existed at some point of time, and i left my mark somewhere on human or on nature. i know that i will die not being remembered for who i am but as my label stated and imprisoned me, knowing that the only difference that if i was good or bad i will still be lonely and my marks are left untouched and unconsidered as the human best friend. that dog made me lose my appetite as i was full of sadness and grief for what he has been labeled for and him being convinced that he is not worthy of a fellow as nobody share that sentiment with him, he has been taken for granted for what he is not for what he could or couldn’t provide, people come and go and he is their alone in his state seasons passes by yet no changes as time is not relevant to the context and if it was he doesn’t care as everyday is like yesterday and yesterday is like tomorrow. The dog has been hurt but no body answer his calling as the only one who hears his tears is nature and nature treats everything as an object under her silence and grief, yet the dog still has a glimpse of hope as he tries to be a companion for passers and this is a life of his choosing and he is willing to take the risk, but to what extend as hope vanishes while time passes by, being alone is not for nature to cure nor for nature to impose, its a perspective whether to belong or to relate to something that you consider as system that you could share your objects and subjective thoughts with others in the same system of values that has been mandated or imposed on you since birth, and the only choosing that you get to make is to be a part and be in peace with yourself about it or refuse it reject and get rejected by your mandates. That dog had a story that nobody and everyone has but as a superior beings we fail to listen to inferior objects as we tend to believe that our superiority imposes a criteria of communications which mandates a certain methodological ways in communicating back; as we are the superior we establish our laws and stipulations based on the awareness and knowledge of the others weaknesses and needs.

i felt obliged to tell the story of a dog that no one listened to and if some one did listen to his crying it hasn’t been heard. remember the dog as he used to be not as you wish to see.

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