Some Political Views

Maybe this is my first published political view, and I’m usually not interested in politics as my definition of politics revolved around the single notion of Deception and Lies; while this definition is two factor definition consists of Deception on one hand and Lies on the hand which I will try to explain before I elaborate about my political views.

Deception is how to pass your will as a political entity in a way that shows it is the most honourable and righteous thing to do while underneath the hood it is a devious plan that had been devised to serve own interest or a minority interest.

while depiction is the intention nothing will quantify the intention unless it has been accompanied by some enactments.   

Lies is the act of lying on the party that we are trying to pass your will upon, as for the party it could be internal or external; internal as in the people you represent or govern, and external is another political entity which lays beyond your sovereignty.

After I identified my definition regarding politics lets take a look at the Arab world and especially the middle east. before world war 1 everything was under the sovereignty of Ottoman empire until 1918-1922 where the mandates of the Sykes-Picot agreement took an effect of distributing influence on the lands.

  1. Syria, Lebanon and a small part of Iraq were under the French.
  2. A big part of Iraq, Jordan, part of Palestine and part of Saudi Arabia were under the Brits.

if you wish to know more you can refer to the following geopolitical map.

Frans Fanon once said in Sociology of revolution in regards to the Algerian revolution “the first thing any coloniser will do is to slaughter the colonised from their identity”, I really find this statement stands true in every way. and this is  what the Brits, Italians, French managed to achieve perfection,  as between 30-50 years in colonisation up to 1971 where Qatar, Oman and Emirates gained their fake independence, people during and after that period started to become more liberal toward foreign ideas and the intellectual diversity started to establish itself as prominent figure, religion was marginalised and abstracted.

When you lose what defines you and you forget what used to define you previously you start looking for an alternative to be able to live in Harmony, the same outcome happens to be  exact in the Protestant  revolution along with their refusal to the papacy and Judaea-Christian dome doctrine, they refused the morality that comes with it and the practices whether it is right or wrong, so they build everything ground up to replace what used to exist and to fill the gaps in the old doctrines.

arabs started to import ideas such as socialism, communism, nationalism, and Marxism and try to apply it in different contexts. such as in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, this happened before and after everybody got his fake independence. Sustaining presence in those colonies take a running cost, so they rather establish a fake independence, implant and establish a puppet regime that will serve their interest in those colonies will be more feasible from financial and resources point of view, so what have been sold that the puppet is the liberators, the only difference here whether or not the puppet knew what he stands for.

The sense of nationalism started to take a shape as every Arab country started to establish its own sovereignty internally and externally with the support of their guardians, every Arab state went through this phase with no exceptions. Arabs accepted the idea that what used to be accessible now needs a visa to visit it, assuming they managed to get one. every Arab nation isolated itself in a silo, and the news was capturing the suffering from a country that is less than 1000 KM away from us, but we don’t care. This is what puppet regimes managed to do, by forcing people to slave labour and to live in fear because they will die if they didn’t do so, as every person has some mouths to feed and to provide shelter for; as the puppet regimes are not providing any basis for their people, they keep feeding you fear through the news, to reach to state of mind where you will say, thanks for our beloved governments that managed to provide peace.

A lie is a lie as long as everyone believed that it is a lie, but a lie become an irrefutable fact when it has enough people to support it. the governments where feeding lies for almost 70 years and justified those lies based on our fear of not being able to live in peace and do the meaningless things that we do on daily bases. we became nationalist with fake identities. When we see people die for no reason we say that they deserve it because we live in the illusion of peace. when a refugee comes knocking our doors we kick him out as he is the one that will robe away our peace. we became senseless and inhuman because we like to live in our own bubbles of security and fertility. our identities can be defined as senseless arrogant stupid fucks. this is what nationalism brought.

Nationalism stands for anti-unity, but nationalism from our point of view stands for belonging to the geography where you live and the newly shaped countries that didn’t exist before 150 years ago.

Arabs nations and their political-shit figures always complain refuse and reject, when it comes to foreign decisions that are related to the public opinion, not because they see that it is wrong but because they are afraid what their people will call them if they did otherwise.

Believe me if i tell you that if the Jews Bombed the holly Mosque and church you will not see somebody dies other than the Palestinians who live in Palestine and the rest will raise the flags and express their anger for couple of days while the governments will Disagree with the act, and the maximum that they will do is to kick the Israeli ambassador out of their country, and here you go the best solution for Palestine issue. I really feel sad that some stupid fellow undermine my intelligence and tell me that this is better for the peace treaty to move forward. I would only ask what peace treaty are we talking about, maybe about the illegal settlements that are being built after the line that has been agreed on, or maybe that Palestine is non-existing as a separate and independent financial, political system while the water and electricity are being given by the Jews. what peace treaty that mandates two states solution, what peace treaty that undermines human intelligence, and existence.

But thanks to Arab regimes I would say that yes this is a good solution and this is the only solution. Thank you, king of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt… for your relentless carelessness for the suffering that goes around because of accepting the fact of your inferiority and not doing anything about it. for this, i thank you very much         

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