Nietzsche and Arabian Governments Morals

As Nietzsche states about the evolution of morality, I can’t  help it but stating the obvious that it is pretty logical evolution, and I found myself puzzled  how similar this historical evolution of morals  to Arabian Governments moral now a days, but the issue here that we have something from every stage of the evolution and don’t get wrong. Similarities are not being categorized as “Good” on the contrary it is considered as Nietzsche states “EVIL” or to be short Nietzsche’s EVIL.

The Evolution of morals started by barbarians with strong “Will to Power” conquered either the more well-behaved or crumbling cultures which we Nietzsche refer to aristocrats. Those aristocrats they created the idea of hierarchy among the society and orchestrated the relation between the dominant and domineer, between the master and the slave. This era accommodates a certain set of moral values stated like this “values of actions was being evaluated based on the consequence of the action, and the motive wasn’t that important”, and after the aristocrats established their beings as leaders, they started to enforce that the value of actions should be based on motives instead of the action itself, so judgments now should be based on the motives.

Now let’s see how our fellows Arabic Governments have been related to this stage. In Arabic countries whether it is a republic or principality or monarchy it will be always defined as long term monarchy at least from my own point of view where the barbarians who conquered the Arabs were not Arabian tribes on the contrary they were foreign and they came because they have a domestic interest in Arabian lands, and regarding their interest is not relevant to this article, but I don’t think that anybody will not have his own doubts toward the WHY part. To continue all the rulers created such a tyrannical regimes to protect their “will to power”, and enforced hierarchal society ideologies. They orchestrated such a structure to control the relation between the master and the slave, and use the slave for their own ends, and the whole society exists for their sake, at the same time being a lap dogs for foreign regimes which stabilized their fake mastery hood, and for that they are in debt to those who implanted them as masters and starting blossoming mastery in every direction toward their herd. But Nietzsche said something about common good and how the morals has evolved from noble ideologies being implanted by aristocrats to the common good or as to speak the majority good and then he denied such an idea buy high lighting how there will be common good if the common things is being minor and meaningless, and the majority good is the good for the people who has the “will to power” by emphasizing the morals which encourages people to be the same as herds, which lead to some sort of slaves revolt across the societies which has been oppressed by their masters master hood

The slaves found their getaway from this paradox by following the leaders who has a different type of showing their mastery; it started by following the interpretation of Judaism then followed by Christianity and Islam “in the contemporary way of understanding it”. All of them has one thing in common from moral point of view is to despise the aristocrats and their noble common good which they enslaved the people with it, and consider it as a work of evil and they will be punished for it, and emphasized the fact of self-denial and poverty as the good values and you will be rewarded for it, so by believing in this divine interpretations religious scholars started to see the aristocrats as inferior to their beings and for those who lectured those people they took control as teachers and their for as leaders as the number of scholars has increased, the slaves has suffered  massively from resenting the aristocrats and their moral ideologies, all their suffering went in vain and for nothingness, but it was meaningful for those who suffered because there is a divine hope that they will be purified and the ideas of Asceticism  has been adapted as an approach to express their will to power. But different people took different approach such as following none divine laws such as socialism, nationalism, capitalism, communism, existentialist… etc. which when you take a look for the first time you will find the similarities between them is merely seen and it ca be eliminated, but if you looked deep enough all of them has something common and its really glowing even the blind can feel it. The common thing all of them has expressed the will to power in their own ways all of them has social and political depth, and all of them renounce self-denial as an act of expression and transcendence. They believed the change should be made by force but as religious teachers, the creators started as teachers and gained acknowledgement as leaders at a later stage.

So Back to the Arabic Governments and the slave revolt was irrefutable, and I think one of the good reasons that everybody in this life came to this life and the will to power has been attached to him, so in the right moment the slaves will retaliate against their masters and their mastery-hood accompanied with a rebellion on their moral values, and social structure, and the only way to retaliate is to act based on their survival instincts by asking form their masters to help if they want to preserve their interest in their countries or neighbor countries, and if the answer didn’t came to their liking they kill their own slaves right and left for the sake of preservation of their will to power. And as Nietzsche emphasizes on the fact the evaluation opposes greatness and favors what common and he means by that common people so the faces who shaped the rebellion is being favored as  leaders because they used to be members of the heard and they are favored as common, but as soon as they come to power their ideologies of common good alters as they count years as leaders and they start become like the oppressors oppressed him before and I’m referring here to none-divine scholar or religious scholars with modernity in their interpretations for the religious scrolls. The oppressed become the oppressor and the slaves becomes a masters because they have more facilities to preserve their will to power and this is what Nietzsche forgot to mention about the never-ending cycle between the oppressed and the oppressor from ontological context.

I mentioned above that the core values have evolved from values of actions as an evaluator to values of intentions as an evaluator. And thing didn’t happen in pre-historic era as Nietzsche stated. But it accrued and will continue its occurrences in the current time and the future. So how can we Judge based on the intention of the action, if we are following some religion we will say that god knows my intentions but how can you convince some third party with your intentions. I don’t think that anybody could do this, so why we still judging actions based on intentions especially in the Arabic Countries which I’m referring to in my article. Nietzsche refused such an idea to be able to judge based on intentions, and I refuse it also not because I don’t believe, but because if I’m a believer I can’t say that the other part is saying the truth unless his worlds fulfilled by actions to prove the core intentions. But in the absence of actions reflects intentions I can’t find the reason why I should contemplate about the intentions; why do I say that. Intentions are hard to interpret and pretty misleading, above all people usually lie about their intentions. So the only way left to validate the good values of an intentions or actions is being based solely on consequences. And this is Post-Morals from Nietzsche point of view and at least my point of view.


This entire introduction leads to my conclusions about Arabic Governments across Arabian continent and I will always refer to Arabic countries as Arabian continent.  When I see a Judge from Jordan holds Jordanian nationality being killed like a stray dog in Jordanian Palestinian borders by Israeli, and the Israeli government only gives disapprobation and light weighted condemnation, just to ease the atmosphere not in the day of incident but couple of days after. And the only retaliation the Jordanian government did is to announcing their disapproval by protecting the Israeli embassy with their police from the furious Jordanians, while the Jordanian person who killed the our enemies or at least my enemy on the borders has been imprisoned and the only thing was remaining for the Jordanian government to comfort the Israeli people is to accept condolences for those who died by that terrorist in every individual government house. So my actions should only be about contemplating and overanalyzing government position and their intentions, and I should comfort myself by saying that the government is working for the good of the people and their common good, and the consequences of their actions was in favor of stop the flails of war because thy care,  and I should be happy with this justification, and go to the bar to drink Whisky or whatever alcohol I’m addicted to, and seek my sexual pleasures as I used to and let it go, because “Government Cares”, the hell with this overwhelming caring so Here I renounce myself by renouncing my identity as Jordanian. And I renounce every act that the government took takes and will take in the future for the sake of my good because I’m beyond there good and evil schemes. And I support the Strikers heart and soul with my worlds which no body can feed on them when they are hungry, wear them when they are cold, or comfort them when they are in self-denial, I give my most Sincere Condolences for the family of the Martyr who did nothing other than he didn’t worth a dime for our enemies or at least my enemies. Government cares this is why our beloved government takes form the poor and fill their empty pockets with the sweat of the slaves which can be quantified, and the consequences for their actions the poor is barley living, the middle class struggling to keep their fake social status, And the rich become richer by exploiting the ignorant and fight them for their food and keep them focused on surviving instead of flourishing intellectually and financially.  Government cares by suppressing opposing ideologies which defies the very core of their will to power. Radicals and Terrorist has been invented and believed and at a later stage I will not find it hard to believe that we will start making idols and symbols and pray to them as the ancients prayed to God of wars and Gods of the underworld we pray because of fear because of what to become if our beloved government stopped caring, by destroying all the symbols that has been created in the name of the greater good. I love Jordan to the level I hate it everything that this country stands for. Fake democracy as a something to show for the global community, protectors of rights, Martyrs without a cause other than protecting our fellow Jews from themselves from their arrogance and their insignificance, by allowing them to show us their significance and importance, and take their terrible actions as justifiable while finding one million ways to do, We allowed it willingly condemning our self with self-denial and despair. For those who suffer while being patient is being blessed with internal damnation, and blessed by the embodiment of nothingness in the pages of history. Wake up people mankind is about to extent, and the demise will hit first your precious intellect, which I’m really happy about it because what could it the added value of intellect; if there isn’t any left since we are all washed inside out from the pungent stinks of our moral values and habitual facts that we used to live in harmony with it since long time ago, and new definitions passes by you ignorant and what a shame you starting to adapt by change your skin faster than lizard in the wilderness, but the lizard has a reason for that while Arabian people don’t .

Where is Nietzsche from this age to see a journalist asking to hit the terrorists HAMAS and what they did to Egypt. I really would like to know what god or Idol she is worshiping because I will create a one for me from the same materialistic essence.  Or the way that the Syrians is being treated in the refugees Camps here and there and how the people are overwhelmed by hatred toward them which they didn’t do anything other than the Palestinians did in 1948 and 1967. I tell this people are you men enough to judge there moral of survival and the morals of being, and how could you since you justified it for your own self as the good of majority , but those are not majority they are the parasites who eats our societies inside out. You fool how could you say so? If you want to in-signify their will to exist, you need to do it yourself and commit suicide in ritualistic manners. They are dying every day in Jordan because of cold hunger and sickness. And our beloved government who stacks slaves sweats in letters they are so poor to provide a decent living standards like every human being deserve. But why should they care they need to care about fellow Jews and protect them, from their nightmare to allow them to sleep peacefully knowing that somebody is watching their backs. Why should I care about Syrians if I’m Jordanian or Palestinian or Egyptian or whatever disfigured nationality I belong to.

When the will of the people is between the “Will” and “I”   you can’t expect something. To be able to order and execute you need a certain discipline and since we are non for our discipline toward instinctual pleasure there will be neither Will nor I in any argumentation written or verbal for we are slaves to I and the will needs a freeman

This is a message of Wrath toward all the actions has been taken for my good or the greater good, by any fake democratic or dictatorship regimes in the Arabic countries, and this is the least I can do toward my fellow man

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