Neutral Society

i always believed in stereotypes ; always have been and always will. What i mean by stereotypes is a category that could be defined by it’s features, which could be shared by 2 or more entities. I believe that stereotypes meant to be used, since our minds always try to keep it simple when it comes to conceiving or perceiving our surroundings which includes gender and genderless objects. You see a person and you decide whether he is a male or female, or you seeing and object and instantly decide that this is object belong to this sort or that sort.

Stereotypes varies between one individual to another based on the power of perception and cognition, so the more educated or the more you get involved with your surroundings the more stereotypes you create, for instance a person who never experienced the light will never be able to understand nor create such a stereotype which to be imposed on the the things that has a degree of light, nor an individual who never experienced colours will be able to to say that this colour is green or blue or red.

I believe that stereotypes only works with nouns and adjectives, which means that stereotypes helps us to understand our surroundings, while our stereotypes grows as the days passes by it get more tuned and sub-categorised.

If you are asking your self why I’m talking about stereotypes and how that could be related to the topic of neutral society. I will come to that apparently so there is no need to rush.

Human being has been labeled since the beginning of time, and the oldest labels were man, woman, or male and female, even though some will argue that those labels or categories has been created and understood before the knowledge of any human language. Those labels has been created for a reason, and the reason is to organise the roles and tasks for individuals under different genders, so human being who created the nucleons of the societies at a later stage had their things in order, and as the history moved forward those labels stayed the same and what they refer to start to be more of a refined version of definitions or attributes.

As we moved in the history of civilization, the labels for Man and Women started to take a different meaning from Male and Female, which is natural evolution since Male and Female specifies Gender type or physiological state of a human being, while Man and Woman specifies roles, this separation was’t needed long time ago because Male conveyed the attributes of Man on the other hand the Female conveyed the attributes of a Woman.

The problem nowadays that Labels for Man and Woman doesn’t apply as their defining attributes either shallow or vague, So i took on my shoulders to create a different stereotype, and the most convenient name was neutral which reflects Functional and operational attributes, and my definition to neutral is a reference to gender state along with the functions that accommodates neutrality.

If i may ask what is the functional attributes of neutral?. The way i see it neutral is a person that doesn’t have moral nor intellectual stand which could be arbitrated to internal and external. Another attribute is that he/she considers everything is neutral; like a stone so to speak. A neutral is a person who feeds on somebody’s success or failure, or a social parasite that feeds on somebodies happiness or grief. When i look around all i see is neutral; nothing else. Those neutral could be embodied by Male physiology or a female physiology or being confused even about his/her sex gender, lets go one step a head and generalize that neutral person also being misguided about the role of a man and a women. now days you see males but not men, while you see females not being a women, but a little bit of both and the rest is confusion.

The operation between genders and their related function led to split of ideologies regarding what makes a man and what makes a woman in a traditional sense, as for me i prefer the philistine stereotype for man and woman, because gender is being coupled with functions and decoupling it create as much distraction, while on the other hand put most of the society under the neutral and you begin to conceive the society as it is not as it suppose to be from platonic point of view.

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