Islamic Dogmas

Its been a while since I wrote anything, while the thing that I’m going to write about is personal and not of an interest for most of the people, still, I believe that I need to write it anyway.

Islam in Arabic means Surrender not in a sense of surrendering to some materialistic thing but surrender to God. God showed the way of surrendering for Christians, Jews and Muslims all alike and defined the way that humans can surrender. the way of surrendering is categorical

  1. Worship (pray, fast, donate money, believe in God, Angels, Prophets, Books, Judgment day)
  2. Moral (help others, don’t harm others, be fair, be humble, Don’t lie)

The problem nowadays that there is a trend of Islamophobia, which sadly is extremely justifiable for the following reasons. the commoners which are the big majority of Muslims have no perception of what Islam truly means, contradictory to what is being advertised as religion became the identifier of a race that has been blessed with the traits of stupidity, savagery. and the media like that description of a race as this is the missing link between savagery and modernity, and it gives a strong reasoning why modern countries are under the threat and they need to defend themselves against those savages by causing all sort of proxy wars and exploitation wars (wars against terrorism).

My problem is not about how are we being advertised and sold to the external buyers, my problem internally being with the so-called leaders of the religion or the elitists the ones who spend their life studying religion and they reached to point why they can sell their ideologies for money and profit from it by creating internal wars and separations between the so-called savages( commoners).

I like when somebody has no understanding of philosophy tells who is closer to Islam (Nietzsche or Marx) Nietzsche from one hand who talks about slave morality or Marx who talks about the proletarians while Islam states in Nietzsche case that God loves the strong Muslim more than he loves the weak Muslim so Islam is not about Inferiority, or Marx and the basis that he refers to from the kingdom of the Qarmitains while Islam identified whats yours and what is not by preserving the personal ownership and the collective ownership under the supervision of the government, the funny thing that paraphrasing those to give some meaningful information is something but to use this just to sell the idea that you are that you are the anointed person that going to left the chuckles of stupidity this is something is really funny. or talking about Einstein relativity like Ernestine knowing that you know nothing about it other what the newspaper said about it for the people who with less than basic education. still, I could argue that doesn’t annoy that much to use what you don’t know to market your self among the people who know less. my problem is claiming that this guy is stupid and that guy is stupid. who holds the keys of IQ? you, and who can judge you?

some other person claim that he is a linguist and studied the Quran for 50 years and came with a whole new interpretation that in most cases has nothing to do with the language. or the others who say that the Shia’s are the pungent stench of Islam and they are all infidels or the stupid who come with the legislation that Muslims are not allowed to eat Fava beans because they make you fart and farting is forbidden in Islam, up to the assholes that they provide some mutilated proof that it is allowed to kill your Muslim brother because of so and so.

I would use the collective intelligence of Arabic mind instead of the individual intelligence as the smart among stupid has two options, become stupid fast from expressiveness or leave.

most of the elitists in Islam that I’m aware of if not all are transgenders and what do I mean by that from an intellectual point of view stupids claim to be knowledgeable of all the natural and religious sciences which gives them the power to judge other people that they are stupid.

in nowadays word people read some facebook post they start dispensing wisdom and wit.

now all the practising Muslims are schoolers for this idiot or that idiot where they fill youtube and social media that is enough to incriminate all Muslims by following them and listening to them and allowing them some gain by advertisements to their content and believing what they said without validating. so the Muslim if he has some brain he becomes an atheist because of the way that the religion is being advertised. atheism or nihilism became the natural progression of intellectual maturity.

now to the second part of Elitists the parasites of the thrones (Suadi fucken Arabia and the shitty gulf of Persia as it used to be called historically) for those assholes I say fuck you, and if I have the power I will condemn you to rote in prison cell 1×1 meter where you sleep standing for the rest of your lives as you are the filth of the filth for the things that you say and the things that you pretend to do. Shais now the enemies and the Zionism incestary is blessed by God where the passive is the Saudis Royal Family. how could you justify killing all those Yamani and claim that you are the saviours of Islam, shame on you?

Stop using religion for personal or political gains, and stop claiming what you are not. as God Said in Quran translated “You who believes don’t say what you are doing not, it is something of despising to say what you do not” I’m pretty sure if you live by that sentence I will not see nor hear your filth anymore, and leave the way for whom who doesn’t by also as God said translated “don’t sell the words of God Almighty for the filth of money or fame and don’t play with the meanings”. last but not least if you want to understand Islam please go and study Arabic as I didn’t hear so far any religious figure speaks Arabic in grammatically or linguistically correct .





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One Response to Islamic Dogmas

  1. BanMe says:

    Well said.

    What we usually see is “Mass Marketing” Catering to the more happy 60% of us. Speaking truth and going above peoples heads is quite easy, stepping back and playing with it conceptually to tie in one understanding to another is a much easier approach for them. I.E. they can rationalize it themselves, rather then you trying to rationalize it for them..

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