Human stupidity

I had some amusements here and there across my life span, but the only consistent thing among all which payed the most contribution for my amusement is Human stupidity. I’ve been always eager to analyse people behaviours and their instantaneous reactions and what led them to behave or react in a specific way rather than other way based on their power of induction.

When i look at people that i stereotyped  and categorised , i notice that the categories were pretty limited to the number of people that i had the pleasure to know across my life span, but they are sufficient enough to fit all people. There is two categories that i came with, one of them is for stupid and the other for smart, if you looked at it from abstract point of view and their its sub categories if you would prefer to call it this way such as smart acting as a stupid and stupid acting as smart.

If i want to define Stupidity i would go with the dictionary definitions such as “Behaviour that shows lake of  good sense or judgement”, and i think this definition would suffice for what I’m about to right.

People usually diverge in power when it come to Cognition and logical induction or proving something using mathematical logic, so for the people who lake those features the most they create some sort of logical contradiction or an anomaly if you compare them to the mediocre and above castes. the anomaly is that those people who lack the mathematical logic , acts like they are the embodiment of those feature, as a consequent they act, believe and convince their surrounding of their intelligence and sharpens, while the ones who have those features the most try to convince their surrounding with the total opposite fact, and i was always fascinated by this idea. Specifically for this idea a created an other categories to replace the old ones and their derivatives. Those categories will be people who know them selves, people they dont know them selves, and the third one will contain the people who are really confused to settle in one of the previously mentioned categories, while i could create sub categories from those categories such as people they think that they know them selves  while they don’t and people they think they don’t but they do. But how this is being related to the main topic if you would ask your self.

Their are some people they dont have a choice in choosing their categories and some other they do, for the people who dont have a choice and they are perceived as stupid they try their best to create the unit reality in their mind and then radiate such a reality to their surroundings, where some people will be affected positively and others will be intimidated, which is totally acceptable because of every action we take the possibility stands where somebody will like it and other will not . but the issue here when you are surrounded by stupidity you lear to enjoy it from far, from the third person perspective while taking your precautions in order not to be affected if you are in direct contact with it.

one of the nice examples in life is when you see somebody try to prove his worthiness for somebody else who doesn’t really care, and the first person endeavour in fulfilling this goal by every means possible or within his grasp, but all his endeavour goes in vain, and those types i have a nifty category for them which i call extroverted stupidity. the problem that those people are affecting other people by their stupid endeavour without them knowing so, and this is the reason why i delightfully call them stupids with consent, but the best action that those people are commonly take is in their helplessness is only affecting people around them in a pungent stench and where the smart get offended and the stupids laugh.

Can you imagine a stupid with master morality and you are a smart with slave morality. here is gets very interesting and nauseating and the same time, i will leave the power of your imagination leads the way for what type of scenarios that you will be able to induce from such an example and how may one makes you laugh with tears and how many makes you cry with laughter.

I think human race in totality are being controlled scrutinised, by stupids and i believe this will be always the fact which could be applied every where around you from politics to economics to social   standards.

This is why i’m always amused by human stupidity because i cant think of a world were stupids don’t rule  and orchestrate your life.

another example which is also valid that stupid people try to be smartest by proving that the people around them are stupider than them, and this approach always makes me laugh because it works every time and it is extremely effective, for the most simplistic reasoning, which is you will never be able to understand the mind of a stupid man, even if exploited every single possibility that you could ever imagine, their will be always something that you could’t imagine just because you are not stupid.

All the previously mention scenarios applies only on those who they dont know that they are stupid nor want to admit to them selves of the fact that pushes them away from their helpless endeavour to prove otherwise.

Their is another example of stupidity which applies on the category of people who know that they are stupid, which is blame everybody else for your mistakes, so if you ask them why not to educate your self they will answer i dont have time because I’m occupied with this and that, or because i have this and that issue, or I’m emotionally depressed or sad and last but not least because of this person or that person. those people when they trying to act the get discovered instantly by mediocre or smart people, nonetheless he keeps doing exactly the same thing expecting different outcomes.

Those people they try to runaway from any responsibility that they encounter by throwing it on somebody else and by doing so they delegate the risk and solely collect the fruits of success, this behaviour appears only if you introduced accountability to the equation. Another thing that i noticed in this category that they lie a lot to hide their true nature, to hide behind a thin veil of illusion that they try to convince their surrounding of its existence, just to feel a normal among others even if it was based on illusion.

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