Human Ignorance

If we proposed the following question “what defines human being”, I suppose it is simple and legit question in an era of sever identity crises, after contemplating the question and what would be a possible answer as the question imposes some constrains regarding the definition of the identity. I thought for some time that it should be easy to answer such a question or some similar questions, and as I count years; answering such a question becomes harder and harder. I couldn’t figure out why perceiving the reality of things grows exponentially in complexity when it is being based on time progression.
To be able to answer a question of identity, we could use mathematical logic as way to reach to what identifies or defines human being. To start we should propose some axioms, so let’s go

  1. Objects resides in 3 dimension space
  2. Plants: resides in 3 dimensional space and it grows as a function of time, plants progression can be plotted on 4 dimensional space one of them is time based
  3.  Animals: resides in 3 dimensional space and it grows as function of time and move as function of time. Animal progression could be plotted on 5 dimensional space where two of them are time based
  4. Human being: resides in 3 dimensional space, grow and move as a function of time, and think as a function of time. So human being can be plotted in 6 dimensional space 3 of them is time based.
  5. Devine????


The aforementioned axioms defines a clear distinction between different types of existence across all spaces aside from the existence of divine as I left it intentionally. If you agree with me on the axioms then you can continue forward, and if not don’t bother wasting your time in reading this article as the context mandates some sort of acceptance to those propositions.

Humans can perceive more than 3 dimensional space and having a vague to none existing idea about 4th dimensional space, but for whom he is interested in the math of things they could evaluate such a thing mathematically using algebraic vector spaces such as Cauchy space, Hilbert space…etc. This article is not about math as it is about definitions that sometimes gets confusing.

What distinguish humans form others is the growth of thinking power as a function of time as if this doesn’t exist or taken for granted we descend with honor to animal space in a way that we have some of sort of linear manifold or linear subspace which is a subspace of higher dimension space from a mathematical point of view but if we look at it in a non-mathematical way; we could say being in a subspace with animals or plants doesn’t eliminate the existence of the super space, and in more simple words if we choose to be more animals than human this doesn’t change the fact the human is not an animal just because he shares some sub attributes with the animal; or he does??.

Can we define a human being existence without denoting the fact that he is thinking? This question open the doors of hell to another question; how could we willingly choose not to think and enhance or cognitive skills. Having a linear manifold helps simplifying things in non-mathematical way but it is used for something else in mathematics.
How can we willingly choose not to think? I think this question is logically wrong as choosing includes thinking and if not then the laws of man doesn’t apply as we just improvise like animals, and since we are distinguished by the power of thinking then why do we fail to identify the know for as what distinguishes human being is thinking.
Since we agreed so far on the proposed logic, we can take that further and ask that question knowing that we agreed that thinking is our trait and we could be identified as a thinking creatures, why do we allow ourselves to be treated like idiots, and what do I mean by that why do surrender willingly to the chains of stupidity while our lead is in the hand of corrupted government. I am anti-institution as I don’t believe in any sort of man made institution as it will end with being corrupted while having some idiots defending the core of it to the last drop from their veins. To be true to myself the only things I have in my believe system is quantifiable to the following 2 things divine and reading as I see them as a vectors for me, which happen to have different magnitudes and have Θ between them were the sum of them will be there product with a direction and magnitude toward something as a function of time.

In so called civilized people are more consumed with the physicality of things more than they are consumed of the spirituality and cognizance of things, and as product we end up not caring as we become more self-interest and self-centric instead of being common-interest and common-centric as opposing to the self where the self takes a less priority than the common, and as this tendency become the norm the opposing common become an exception, and there were our beloved civilization fails or regressing toward failure were the mean is being denoted as the linear function of failure where the x axis in two dimensional space denoted by time. The whole thing can be visualized like a sign wave that has different amplitude and longitude, where the correction function which is being based on Gaussian filter and the end result after applying the filter is linear failure progression where the filter regresses the wave toward that linear failure. Thanks to the second part of what defines us, we manage to corrupt everything by our self-centric behavior.

So if I want to answer the first question I could say that what defines human being is what they are as a nature of things. Most of human beings if not all are self-centric idiots

I hope that I managed to convey what I meant to convey.

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