Exploitation paradox – part 1

Nowadays we found our selves shocked by the fact that we are being exploited in every possible and legal way, and before I start let me give a brief introduction about the topic that i am about to address in this article

Exploitation in human treaties context is being defined by treating somebody unfairly in order to benefit from his work. as the definition states their is two ends for any exploitation to manifest, but having two parties involved is not enough as you still need the reason and the context for the action to be committed.

Exploitation motives. there should be some sort of motive/s for any exploitation to exist based on the laws of causalities; one of those motives could be that humans are wired to exploit, another one could be related to the will to survive and self-perseverance.

I know there will be some historical gaps in my historical narrative but the idea is to give a brief of the cornerstones in history that affected the subject that I try to address.

Since the beginning of man and the hunters micro societies or tribes human being tried to exploit nature and wield it to work on his favour such as inventing the spears which preserved the human-beings from the danger of close encounters with wild animals, or taking the high lands and caves as temporary housing as they were more secured than the lowlands and open spaces, the difference here that in the tribe exploitation were non-existing as the man needs the other man to support his back in hunting, on the other hand, the whole tribe had the same goals and the same level of skill set, as the hunters societies was being built based on meritocracy and as they moved a lot they were less attached to places than being attached to each other as since everybody had the same goal.

Farming society started to emerge and with farming and planting a whole different system/s needed to emerge such as long-term housing, and the attachments to the individual ownership. production and overproduction mandated to build places to save the grains that have been cultivated. changes in the ideology of merits and the idea of producing more than what you need lead to ownership syndrome. ownership is synonymous to fear as ownership feeling and the attachment to what you own always accommodates the fear of losing what you own or what you are attached to.

with the rise of ownership and the fear of losing such a privilege measures has been taken to incorporate security in such societies by having some sort of fighters that defends the ownership of such societies and this contributed to the rise of casts system in its basic form which is the categorical form, so you have the farmers faction and the hunters faction and the military or police faction. the story continued for some time and with the establishment of the farming and ownership as a main source of living and the hunting conversion from the main source of living to a hobby or supplementary source of living and the rise of the militia at that time.

things started to take a different shape where merits have nothing to do with your social status as the more you own the more respectful you become and the more power you have is the more respectful and fearful you become. the paradox of power can get money and money can by power. inequalities started to arise along with the establishment of judicial systems to preserve and sustain ownership which was predominated by the people who owns either power or money which is two faces for the same coin.

exploitation as the phenomena started to take a shape as every social contract can be overridden by overcoming the gaps and inconsistencies or by power, systems have been exploited by two possible ways either by the power that overthrown previous systems or by exploiting the gaps of the social contracts.

farmers have been exploited by feudalism and aristocracy, which for a long time was inherited based from one generation to another based on some grandfather that provided a services for the king or the conquerer or by sneak his way through that, and most of the aristocrats and feudal never earned those privileges, they have been born like ones.

commoners accepted the exploitation for the sole reason of survival, which as Thomas Hobbes addressed it in Leviathan `Natural law or universal law` the difference that the will to survive works in a very strange way which allows the slave to justify his slavery and the exploited justify his acceptance of being exploited.

Humans, in general, can be exploited because of fear, temptation or stupidity.

fear of losing something that human believe that he owns makes him vulnerable to exploitation. what makes human powerful is the same thing that makes human weak and easily exploited. fear dominates the entirety of human cognitive power, and the laws of cause and effect always take an account for the risk of losing in our decision-making process or simulating the reality.


Human inequality is another major factor that gives emphasis on  exploitation trait as humans are day dreaming most of the time to own what others own and the more others owns the more anxiety predetermines your behaviour in your life endeavour, as most of what people have is not being owned by merit instead it has been owned by exploiting fear, temptation or human stupidity, and as long as human is conscious about the reasons his behaviour is mostly determined by the possibility of having what he doesn’t have, and since there is a civil law forbids and punishes  crime the only way around that is to be exploited for sometime to be able to exploit when your time comes if you were lucky, for the sake of owning what you don’t and some do.

Stupidity is what makes us human and what makes the economy alive, as the cycle of economy cant rotates without the major factor (“human stupidity”). if human is not being fixated by how things look more than how things work and what is the purpose of the thing that I acquire, some business will never open and some technologies will never be invented, thanks to our stupidity we have technological evolution and thanks to human greed as a part of the stupidity syndrome that we always want to distinguish our selves from others even using the most absurd ways. as nobody can accept the idea of equality anymore and everybody feels that he is unique in a way or another and the way to distinguish our selves nowadays is by owning things that we don’t need to fulfil some sense of fake uniqueness were we can distinguish our selves from others.

Bankers exploited people based on their fear of homelessness and not having the power to own. advertisement companies played on temptation and human stupidity to sell and market their needless products. companies exploited employees the same way that bankers exploited their customers and exactly the same way that advertisements exploited their customers.

every individual entity exploited one factor of human psychology. no what do I mean by exploitation paradox? and I will try to mould the answer in a question. can we live without exploitation and if so what would happen to the whole economic system, and does it by itself influence the political system. and to answer the question I think I need to write another article 🙂

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2 Responses to Exploitation paradox – part 1

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus says:

    What is ur message? Are u being exploited by ur family (wife, kids)? Or by ur boss at work?
    Make a change in ur life or stop complaining.
    Final quote: try to be brief and to the point next time….

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