Employer and the employee Relation between expectation and reality

There is something always annoyed me, and I never understood why, and I’m going in full details about that thing.

How can you define the relation between the employer and the employee, what is the attributes of such relation. Could it be similar to the relation between the husband and wife, child mother relation, or could be just an abstract relation solely being based on self-interest and selfishness, or could it be totally different thing. I will come to that later on this article.

When I want to define what Relation really means? I will say that it is some sort of invisible connection that makes people stick together based on mutual understanding of self-interest, and what I mean here by self-interest is something good, so if I assumed that I want to understand the relation between the child and parent I would say that the child sees in his parents emotional refuge and security, while the parents are gambling on the child future, in a way that the child will grow young and he will take care and support them. Back again to the parents, and what they see in their child? They see hope that the child will fulfill their dreams which they never managed to fulfill, so in a way they see the child as an extensions of their plans dreams and fantasies, and I don’t want to dig deep in what to cognize from the term “relation” but I think I managed to convey what I believe about that term. I think even in the very core of any relation, you will find a degree of selfishness and self-interest, but if this is the case so how about the relations that has nothing to do with your bloodline, such as the employee and employer.

I had the pleasure to work in a lot of companies local and abroad, and I found a lot of commonalities in the employer’s perception regarding the relation with their employees, and I really found it disgusting and inhuman to extreme levels. I will start iterating through the attributes of such relation and what is the expected split of responsibilities and commitments that it has been in-lined as the foundation of this relation.

1. Time Enslavement:

Employer thinks that he owns your time within the bounds of working hours and beyond. You need to keep working until they spill the last drop of your time, so when you finish you just want to go to sleep, since this is the only way to relax from daily tension and eliminate any foreign idea such as  “what the f***k I’m doing to myself”.

2. Credit Enslavement:

Employees usually try their best to show off in moral and immoral ways which is a matter of perspective for some, but let’s assume life is good and they are trying to show off the moral way. They will do anything for hearing sentences of appreciation such as “Thank you”, “You are a savior”, “Great Job”, “without you we don’t know what to do”…etc. Those kind of words will bring up sincerity and sense of accomplishment for the employee even if they were lies, because everybody try his best his own way to fit somewhere and become a part of something bigger, But verbal thankfulness is not enough, because it’s true that everybody works to have this orgasmic sense of accomplishment and to belong to something bigger than themselves, but words has no weight anymore and people now a days don’t believe in words anymore. There should be something else that helps to motivate employees, something tangible which is related to gettinh higher positions, increments , insentives..etc., because everybody has a dream which he can’t fulfill due to the lake of finance. To cut it short showing appreciation should be words and actions. having one or none creates desperation ending by people resignation where everybody loose “Employer and employee”

3. Financial Enslavement:

Employer think that he is giving the employees a good money and for that they should be thankful and humble to his needs, not only that you need to serve employer personal needs or venditta specially when your line of work is a service provider, but if it came to that i will be very happy, they think that the only reason that you have money is because they are giving it to you, Which is fun in away but I have no comment on thatJ.

Bottom line you are counted and defined as an object of profit, but what about “you are an object!” Will they think that they can decide negotiate accept or refuse something related to you without you even know about it or have been invited since the whole topic is about you.

4. Fairness

Being an employer doesn’t mean that you inherited divine. So at least when you are at your position be fair with everybody. For me I never saw a fair Employer or a manager. So increments is totally being separated from your yearly evaluation. Bending the rules is something can be done but is being totally based on how close or far you are from the decision makers. This is a system that you can work your way up to the top by being ruthless, and hypocrite above all a perfect liar and having a traits of a snake, and I bet that Most of who had those features are CEOs Kings Presidents Ministers…etc.

Employer treats employees in a way that they are not a conscious beings and if they have it “it is negligible for the total goodJ”! A commodity that has an expiration date. So they can decide for you what is the best environment for you and how it should look like, how should you treat people and being treated, how frequent your breaks are, when to come and when to leave from work, and they over whelm you with tones of laws about code of conduct, dressing code, working hours, your look, even your personality will be scrutinized and you will end up having big issues with your attitude or maybe just maybe which in this case I will not ignore the possibility that you will end up being psychotic and you are a bad product of this society and you are not a member nor welcomed to this family anymore .

It’s funny how systematic is this approach starting from maximum exploitation to pure enslavement, ending by “your expiry date came”, and I’m pretty sure about that everybody has an expiry date.

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