Culture and meanings

I’ve been scrutinised a major part of my life for me not belonging to any common culture or society, while I believe the accusation is valid, nonetheless I don’t quantify it to a level where I need to change that outsider behaviour for some valid reasons that make sense for me. in this article I’m not going to talk the accusations nor my arguments toward them, instead I will try to put a meaning to what is defined as culture and how does belonging is irrational to the concept of culture.

Let’s start by defining as usual what do we mean by culture. on the surface it looks easy to identify what do we mean by culture but at the core of it I believe it is a product of our own meanings being imposed on the word and coupled with, in a way that we inflate the definition by our own meanings, exactly like the way we define democracy, love and so on so forth.

Culture as Noun

  1. Dictionary definition for culture is the “arts and products of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”
  2. The ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society

But the fun part is the world originally came from Latin Cultura, which means growing/cultivate and it has been introduced to middle English from Latin and French daughter and used in the same context until 16th century where it has been used to cultivate the brain and manners.

for both definitions a common dominator can be identified, which is a culture is a product of society or sub-society, which means for something to become a product it needs to start to exist (inception) then (incubation and mutation) then judgment (external), i know it is to much but let me explain what do i mean

for a product to become a product it needs to become an idea at first where it is being shaped  and usually starts from one individual (the first man) once the idea has been shaped, implementation is the next stage where some tuning and mutation is needed like any product ideas on papers doesn’t quantify the entirety of variables in physical word nor would gain the targeted crowed acceptance without being tailored to them. after the product is done it’s time to see the reaction and how perceivers will perceive and judge such a product. Judgements doesn’t refute the existence of the product as the product exists in its materialistic shape whether it gained acceptance or not, what judgements will do is to approve or disapprove the beauty of  the product and the amount that it would appeal to them, as for a product to become a cult it needs to appeal to majority of followers and with enough followers what used to be embryo(cult) now becomes a baby culture that needs to be nourished and taken care of  until it become a prominent adult where it becomes a norm.

will the aforementioned steps applies to artificial culture, not the product of spontaneous evolution. this is a product where human being try to manipulate what culture means and try to impose their definitions on your understanding of what this really means, sometimes by appealing to your common-sense and self interest and some other times by appealing to dramatic measures such as kicking you out from that space and time of cultural presence. the problem with that encyclicals about culture is that it is related to a different word which is identified by cult this is what cult is being identified by not culture, as culture is about diversity and cult about oneness from ideological point of view.

healthy culture is a product of diverse society in a normal case where the society accept the diversity even if the individual didn’t. culture is the product of individuals in society that has been bounded to it whether they so them self belong to that society or not.

such as the culture of Arab world nowadays is oppressive shopping and masturbation, lying deception and hypocrisy in majority and this is what has been marked by foreign media, exactly like Europe and their intellectual and technological products as it has been marketed in the foreign media also, while none of them is true both are true at the same time, as both societies is being built on individualism and motivated by self-interest, both societies refuse to look outside their self-contained bubbles out of fear. both are being controlled by theocratic systems, where the stupid controls and mandates whats good and bad, what’s evil and whatnot, whats right and whats wrong, what financially feasible and what not. so why would be belong and if we belong should we belong to the entirety of it or could we a find a way to belong to what we like and not to belong to what we don’t like from cultural point of view.

culture is dead since the Renaissance era and the age of romanticism as there were true products that paved the way for the new era of lost culture and the rise of cults.

humans cant belong to a product such as culture as it usually being identified in today’s world, as they are the ones who produce it. so the term cultural fit which is being used in the corporates is linguistically wrong, as how could you belong to a product that somebody else shaped nor you contributed to it making, so you need to accept it as is and pretend that you belong to something that has been imposed on you especially that something is not being identified, so people communicate this words without truly understand it. there is no cultural fit as culture is being based on diversity and the unfitness of its individuals, this terminology can be substituted easily with something makes more sense in today’s world law-abiding citizens or ideological fitting, where part of the law mandates the criteria of your acceptance toward that cult and their ideology, this is where the micro-society and society in today’s world agrees upon.

I think our misconception about the idea of belonging has emerged as a reaction from all the wrong things that happen around us. its a way where we can defend our selves and keep our sanity. human beings belong to the things that enslave them, they are attached to their enslavements,

we can tell that by categorising what human beings belong to in today’s world

  1. Family
  2. Money
  3. Micro-society
  4. Country
  5. Religion sect

first, you belong to your family until you reach to your adulthood the age of being semi-independent, and the choice is all yours to continue the belonging practices or not. some they do out of hypocrisy and what they perceive as a good deed, and some they don’t

Money every human being is fantasied about money whether he owns it or not human always wants more to fulfil his needless needs which don’t bring other than momentary happiness.

Micro-society: humans belong to some people where they share the same interest whether it is a materialist, intellectual or spiritual views. knowing that this is a temporary belonging as it seizes to exist once the interest becomes mild or vanishes due to maturity or switch of belief system.

Country: don’t make me laugh as this needs another article to define what is country and to prove that it doesn’t exist also as what we have nowadays is cantons under the illusion of having the sovereignty.

Religion: I don’t think that I need to discuss this further.

as we can see human beings belong at first to the things that fulfil their ego and self-interest at first then they start looking for extensions to complete their definition of their own existence.

To be continued…

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