Concepts and mutability

I always laugh at the politics which being practiced  in the middle east in specific and the rest of the world in general, it defies any logical reasoning, nonetheless it make a lot of sense for most of the people, and here where the title of the article comes to play. “the mutability of our conceptions and convections”

As some would know from the news recently that United states lead by the Forrest Gump recognised that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, and don’t get me wrong their is no harm in that, The issue is beyond that. you can recognise anything and declare it publicly, the issue will be your recognition doesn’t materialise unless some or most of people agreed  on your recognition. funny isn’t it. things doesn’t  inherit meanings or state unless people agreed on that state and approved it. 

Palestine has been lost for the first time after the peace treaty not before, and the reason is, the recognition of the Israeli state and the recognition of bounding borders among other things. one would argue that was for their own good, and i would say from which perspective. Palestine has been lost because people recognised the state of Israel, and the jewish state, taking into consideration that  the recognition comity was involved in wars with the Israeli state not long ago before the treaty. This recognition from an involved parties in the conflict should quantify to something isn’t it, and you are correct, Israel state no exists, but due to that Palestine name started to fade away, as Israel is taking the lions share, so we went and ask the UN to recognise Palestine, but here i was lost as why would you ask people to recognise something that existed long time ago and has been recognised before. for me it felt like in christianity culture to renew the vows!!. apparently we felt that we have been neglected and wanted to gain attention by doing so, but the funny thing Jews and Palestinians done the same thing (the recognition game).

Things tends to shift after recognition as with enough recognition meanings mutate to become phenomenas, and when  a phenomena appears that means most of the people recognised it, recognition has nothing to do with whats right and whats wrong, but it have something to do how has the power and who don’t, if you don’t believe me you could ask every colonised state across the world.

Back again to our topic, how on earth two states have the same capital, it cant work isn’t it? or it does? will i can tell you with enough recognition most importantly the conflicting parties recognition can solve the issue even if it is irrational, but here their is another factor who is superior and who is inferior, there is no argument that the Palestinian state is inferior and the Israeli state is superior, so the recognition concept has been mutated to represent something else, you recognised due to your inferiority as slave, and they recognised due to their superiority as masters and out of their own goodness.

were am i leading too?. Palestine and Israel is not synonymous they are antonymous  to each other, which means that they cant exist in the same context as we think that they would, whether we recognised or not the fire cant change its own features from such as it burns.

The Palestinian identity is being internally recognised among all the Palestinians inside Palestine and out side Palestine, the identity is being inherited from one generation to another, but this is not enough as you will stumble with some idiot in the street and asked you were are you from and you tell him Palestine and he will answer Israel, aha.

Recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Jewish state is the final thing that slaughtered the Palestinian identity from its original form, and whether we recognised it or not is not important as we don’t quantify as inferior species.

so we need to thing about this recognition means that we as Palestinians worth nothing but shit, actually no shit has a smell that can be identified by. what i want to say is. Jewish and Palestinian state can’t coexist in the same context, and definitely they cant coexist as one superior and the other one inferior.

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