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Microsoft Lync Telephony System Billing – Part 1

Hello there, It’s been a while since I posted anything, I was pretty busy for the last couple of months and now I found the time to share some information with you. I was working recently on a Billing System…

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AD RMS Protecting A document Programmatically

Created By Saddam Abu Ghaida and Nicolai Tufar Hello there, NOTE : I don’t think microsoft will mind if i put some of its code since it is available in Windows SDK samples under ADRMS folder for free, because i used some pieces of…

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C – getting the length of an array using Macros

hello there How to know the length of any array without using the conventional approaches such as strlen,wcslen .. etc, or looping through the array and increase the counter. So the way to do it is pretty straight forward which is…

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Variable Length PWSTR two dimensional array

  “Development for AD RMS it is Programing Nightmare, because of weak SDK documentation if any”.  Hello everybody Its been awhile since i posted any technical jargon, so today i will share with you something i was working on lately which is related…

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