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Active Directory WCF Webservices for DevOps

Intruducion I founded interesting to do a web services that handles most of day to day job when it comes to active directory, such as ADD/REMOVE Users/Groups/Computers Enable/Disable Users/Computers…etc. The idea behind was instead of implementing those micro routines every…

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C# Get Exchange Distribution and Dynamic Distribution Lists and their members

Hello, Today i will be sharing how to get Exchange Distribution and Dynamic distribution list programatically using C# and Active Directory. below is the function which enables you todo so but before that we need to create a common class…

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Lync 2013 SDK Conversation Class

Hello There, It’s been a while, so today I’m going to share how to Establish new call, Blind and Consulted Audio Transfer using Lync 2013 SDK. Below is a class to handle such scenarios. I hope that somebody will find it…

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Parsing JSON using JAVA with HTTP Basic Authentication in JAVA

Hello All, Today we will explore how to parse JSON String into JSONArray and from JSONArray to List of HashMaps above all to do it with Basic HTTP Authentication, I needed such scenario as I was developing an application for…

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