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Women Rights – Part 2

So I stopped yesterday because I need to sleep, since I’m waking up early not as usual. Anyway back to our subject. Why did I say that “women have the right to become a man on every aspect while not…

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Women Rights – Part 1

i keep asking myself what is women rights from women perspective, and how it is different from our understanding, but before start jumping to conclusions lets take a look at women and their rights across the history, or at least the…

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this is the end

this is the end the end of agony and suffering the end of nightmares no more nauseating pain no more endless stairs our souls went on slumber where time stopped where flowers started blossoming filth and gore look around and…

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How to get Introduced to Girl

// This code is not mine i thought what a waist will be if I didn’t include it #include<girls.h> #include<propose.h> #define Cute beautiful_lady main() { goto college; scanf(“100%”,&ladies); if(lady ==Cute) line++; while( !reply ){ printf(“I Love U”); scanf(“100%”,&reply); } if(reply == “ARE YOU…

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